The Entertainment Software Association released its annual report a couple of weeks ago. We took the time to go through it and pull out some of the most interesting facts. The full report is available here for free. Here are the key data points.

Buyer Demographics:

  • The average age of game buyers is 39

Growth in Online Games:

  • 57% of male game players play games online more than one hour per week
  • 43% of female game players play games online more than one hour per week

Types of Online Games Played Most Often:

  • 43% puzzle/board/trivia/card games
  • 21% action/sports/strategy/role-play games
  • 16% MMO games

Paying to Play Online Games:

  • 23% of frequent users pay to play games online
  • In 2003 only 5.2% of frequent users paid to play games online

Parents’ Opinions of Games:

  • 63% of parents believe games are a positive part of their children’s lives
  • Parents are present 92% of the time when games are purchased or rented
  • 94% of parents monitor the content of the games their children play

Games for Training

  • 70% of major employers utilize interactive software and games to train employees
  • More than 75% of businesses and nonprofits already offering video game-based training plan to expand their usage in the next 3-5 years

Government Regulation and Piracy

  • In FY 09, a total of 161 bills (80 in 2008 and 81 in 2009 to date) affecting computer and video games were introduced in 37 states
  • None of the pending bills from 2008 were carried over to the 2009 legislative session
  • Italy is the worst country with regards to Peer-to-peer game piracy
  • Consumers downloaded nearly 6.5 million illegal copies of games across 223 countries, regions or territories
  • The top two pirated games accounted for 4.7 million of these downloads, a figure that far exceeds those games’ legitimate sales for that period.

Leading downloader countries

  • Italy (17.1%),
  • Spain (15.1%)
  • France (7.9%)
  • Germany (6.9%)
  • Poland (6.1%)

Networks used to pirate games

  • Telecom Italia (Italy) 11.6%
  • Telefonica de Espana (Spain) (7.8%)
  • France Telecom (France) (3.9%)
  • Polish Telecom (Poland) (3.6%)
  • Deutsche Telecom AG (Germany) (2.6%)
  • IUnet (Italy) (2.1%)
  • Neuf Cegetel (France ) (1.6%)
  • Jazz Telecom S.A. (Spain) (1.57%)
  • Free SAS (France) (1.56%)
  • Uni2 (Spain) (1.53%)

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