Pearl Research released some new info from their Games Market in Korea study.

  • Nexon derives more than 50% of its revenues from overseas
  • Nexon’s Maple Story has more than 130,000 maximum concurrent users in the United States
  • Japan, known for being a console market, is a top priority for Korean game operators
  • NHN, Korea’s largest search engine provider and one of the top four game operators in Korea, has more than 36 million registered users in Japan
  • China still remains elusive, with two major Korean game operators restructuring their business there
  • Neowiz, saw international sales jump more than 30%, in part due to the success of its online titles in China
  • Approximately 61% of Korean smartphone users play games on their phone
  • In a market dominated by Samsung, LG and other local handset manufacturers, Apple has been able to carve market share with 2 million and counting units of the iPhone being sold in Korea

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