Niko Partners, a research firm, has today released their annual review and five-year market forecast of the video game industry in China.
  • China’s Online Games Industry sees  
    21.4% growth-rate in 2011

  • Niko Partners estimates market size in China as $5.8 billion for 2011.

  • The market was $4.8 billion last year.
  • 2009 was the first year to see games on social networking sites in China, generating $80 million in revenues by Niko’s estimate.
  • By 2010, the amount of revenue generated from these social networking games had reached $500 million.
  • Niko Partners forecasts continued growth through 2015.

For additional information on Niko’s 2011 China’s Games Industry Annual Review and Five-Year Forecast Report, including a table of contents, please visit:

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