According to a report by aDeSe today, which presented the findings of its study “Uses and habits of Spanish Gamers”:

  • In Spain, one in three homes has a video game console and 58% have PC
  • Almost 10.4 million people, 22.5% of the population, are gamers in Spain
  • This is an increase of 1,530,000 since 2006
  • The social image of video games is more positive than that of television or film
  • In regards to the platforms for gaming, 14.5% of Spaniards play on PCs, 15.16% on consoles and 4.9% on mobile phones
  • The average age of the players in Spain is 22 years old for PC and 20 years old for consoles
  • The number of women who play video games also increased in 2009
  • Almost 19% of women are core gamers
  • The genres most played over the last year are: action, sports, racing and adventure
  • Almost 44.6% of the games that are played in Spain have been pirated

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