According to a new report from Newzoo:

  • The number of American social gamers is 88.9 million, of which, 19 million are paying users
  • There number of social gamers in brazil is 29 million, of which 8.1 million are paying users and growing at 26.1 percent year-over-year
    Almost half of the 200 million Brazilians now have access to the internet
  • 28% of social network gamers in Brazil spend money on social games, higher than the 21% share in the US

Key Facts on Demographics & Preferences of Brazilan Social Gamers

  • Players consist of an equal amount of men and women (49% v 51%) but when it comes to payers, males dominate (56% v 44%)
  • In Brazil, 21-35 year olds makeup the largest portion of players (47%) and payers (50%)
  • 86% of Brazilian social network gamers play on Facebook and 31% play on Orkut
  • 38% of social gamers in Brazil social games developer Zynga, making it the most recognized international publisher brand, followed by GameHouse (19%) and (17%)
  • Strategy is the most popular genre in both Brazil and the US
  • “Core” genres make up the top three in Brazil with action/adventure and race games in 2nd and 3rd place compared to “Casual” genres Puzzles and Quizzes/Trivia in the US.

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