A lot of people ask me how I keep up on so many markets and so many apps around the world. The short inspirational answer is I read a lot because I’m genuinely interested in emerging markets, new gameplay systems and culturally influenced IP from around the world. If you love what you do, you want to do as much of it as possible. So I figured I would start giving out some of the helpful resources that I read regularly to keep up on all things. Maybe it will inspire some people to become sherpas on the game industry as well.

Since this is the first post of this kind and I’m planning on giving away the farm, here are two great sites that are not referenced enough, and should actually cost money to visit for the info they provide:

  • Number of Android AppsAppbrain – http://www.appbrain.com/stats/ (as of this date, 1,132,053 Apps in the Android marketplace). Also check out this link to see the average price of paid apps and ratings of apps by category. It’s a phenomenal source of info.
  •  Number of iOS Games148Apps.bizhttp://148apps.biz/app-store-metrics/ (as of this date, 194,512 active games in the market and 2,236 so far this month). Jeff Scott is a great source of info on the mobile games market. I’m pretty surprised he isn’t leading R&D at Zynga making a Meg yet. Where else could you find out that the average cost of a game on iOS right now is $0.75.

More posts to come.


Sony recently put out more numbers on the success of the PlayStation 4 in the market so far. There are:

  • 4.2 million PlayStation 4’s were sold in 2013
  • 2 Million PlayStation Plus Accounts
  • 150 Million PlayStation Network Accounts

The high attach rate – almost 50 percent is an excellent sign of future growth for PlayStation Plus. The Instant Game Collection and ongoing free games match the offering of the Xbox Live Gold program from Microsoft. Since this generation is expensive and there are few titles available at launch, it’s going to be important for Sony to continue to offer great content on a regular basis digitally. I expect the product line-up to increase significantly in Q3-Q4 as more developers are getting development kits and middleware meets the demands of the market.