Here’s a great presentation from Xyo app search on App discovery and App Store optimization. It has a lot of information such as the importance of the App name, icon, keywords and the optimal copy to get an App higher up in the rankings. Anyone launching a iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile app should check this out.


There are now 76 Million Xbox 360’s according to a post on AllThingsD. Other interesting data points for the platform include:

  • 38 percent of Xbox users are women
  • More than 51 percent of Xbox users have kids
  • U.S. Xbox account holders use the devices for 87 hours per month
  • As of last March, non-game usage — fitness, entertainment content from partners like HBO and Netflix, etc. — started outpacing game usage on a yearly basis
  • There was a 57 percent year-over-year growth in entertainment usage
  •  24 million Kinect devices have been sold, up from 20 million last year
  • There are 46 million Xbox Live accounts, up from 40 million last year

IESherpa Opinion: As the 360 continues to thrive, the focus for Microsoft is clearly general consumers that are looking to watch Netflix and other on demand video apps. Games were the Trojan Horse, enabling the platform’s transition into a Web TV hub and central digital media center in the living room.


A new research firm called FADE has released estimated sales numbers for the top XBLA games of 2012. Here’s their estimates in terms of units and revenue on the XBLA platform. From personal experience, hitting the 10K, 50K and 100K sales marks on XBLA has become harder over time since the store has been redesigned multiple times. The effect has been XBLA becoming an increasingly less effective sales channel since the majority of traffic is on the platform to play movies via Netflix:

Estimated Top Ten XBLA Titles in 2012, Ordered by Gross Revenues

  • Minecraft (4J Studios) (Notchtacular) – 4,997,000 Units / $97,388,000
  • Trials Evolution (RedLynx, LTD) (owned by Ubisoft) – 1,002,000 Units / $14,298,000
  • The Walking Dead (TellTale Games) (Yeah! Dan Connors and Kevin Bruner) – 2,615,000 Units / $10,277,000
  • Counterstrike: GO (Valve) – 273,000 Units / $3,973,000
  • Castle Crashers (The Behemoth) – 252,000 Units / $3,778,000
  • Gotham City Impostors (Monolith Productions) (A Warner company) – 258,000 / $3,698,000
  • I Am Alive (Ubisoft) – 245,000 Units / $3,609,000
  • Tony Hawk’s PS HD (Robomodo) – 226,000 Units / $3,261,000
  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (Remedy Entertainment) (Matias and Oskari and the crew making awesome!) – 206,000 Units / $2,903,000
  • Trials HD (RedLynx, LTD) (Ubisoft SD) – 203,000 / $2,799,000