NPD released some new data regarding U.S. gamers:

  • 67% had acquired a game through retail or digital in the past month
  • 75% of online game players acquired a game in the past month
  • Gamers reported acquiring an average of 8 games
  • People that acquired just through digital, downloaded 6 games
  • Those who only acquired games at retail picked up 3
  • The most active gamers (digital and retail) acquired an average of 15 games

Much of this was fueled by the growing free-to-play game market where the only barrier to entry in many cases is finding Wi-Fi so you can complete larger downloads.


According to a recent NPD report:

  • 3 million SmartTVs shipped in China in Q1 2012
  • This represents 30% of all TVs shipped in the country in the quarter

Lenovo recently launched a SmartTV that features an embedded system by JiaJia TV, which is a lite gaming console on a chip within the SmartTV. This means Chinese gamers will have a legal alternative to physical game consoles, which are still banned in the country. The Chinese SmartTV console systems likely will become a viable market, potentially even for western games over the next several years. Given the state of play in China, content for now will be homegrown, Chinese content from Chinese publishers.

With streaming online games, there is an emerging market that I predict will start to see parallels in North America and Europe over the next 2-3 years. Expect to see Samsung, LG and Sony watching Lenovo’s moves very closely in China as they all look to embed console technology into their SmartTV offerings as well. By 2015, you should see some high quality games coming to SmartTVs in Europe and North America.

The Wall Street Journal has an article that details the ARPU of mobile social game companies GREE, DeNA and Zynga. Here’s the interesting data:

ARPU MAU % Paying Total Paying Users
GREE $11.21 13,900,000 14% 1,946,000
DeNA $6.50 16,900,000 13% 2,197,000
Zynga $0.33 292,000,000 1.2% 3,504,000


While the GREE and DeNA numbers include the U.S., DeNA has said that the percentage of U.S. players who are buying items has exceeded 3%, and that percentage is spending the same amount as Japanese players.

DFC Intelligence released new research forecasting global revenue from video game software growing from $52 billion in 2011 to $70 billion in 2017.

  • Revenue growth is predicted to be split between three broad platforms: personal computers (PCs) leading with 39% of revenue, TV-based console systems with 36% of revenue, and mobile devices with 25%.
  • By 2017, 66% of game software will be delivered digitally
  • The core consumer still remains males age 12 to 30
  • Browser-based games and social networks will exceed $8 billion in revenue by 2017
  • Free-to-play games should count on an average paying consumer spending $75 a year for two years

Our friends at ACIGames put out some research on the current state of the game development industry in Brazil. A couple key highlights include:

  • Over 500 full time jobs in the Brazil games industry
  • More than 20 Million Real in game development revenue generated in 2011

Here’s the full report as a .PDF