According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, Gartner Inc. expects media tablet sales to reach:

  • 19.5 million units in 2010 (80% of which will be iPads = 15.6 million units)
  • 54.8 million units in 2011
  • 103.4 million units in 2012
  • 154.2 million units in 2013

The Flurry blog has info from Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities where he states that social gaming was:

  • $600 million in 2008
  • $1 billion in 2009

And the growth will continue as social gaming reaches:

  • $1.6 billion in 2010
  • $4 billion in 2013

On iOS platforms, in-game sales of virtual items is about 80% of the revenue generated per user, up to a current ARPU of $9.

DisplaySearch Q3’10 Quarterly TV Design and Features Report was just released and has some info on the 3D TV market. Some of the forecasts include:

  • 3.2 million 3D TVs will be shipped in 2010
  • Just under 1.6 million 3D TVs will ship in 2010 in North America
  • 90 million 3D TVs will be shipped in 2014
  • 3D will grow from 2% of all flat panel TVs shipped in 2010, to 41% in 2014

Figure 1:  DisplaySearch 3D TV Shipment Forecast

Source: Quarterly TV Design and Features Report

Niko Partners recently released their six-month findings, for subscribers and updated those on their newsletter list.

  • There are now 120 million Chinese gamers for 2010
  • The forecast for online game revenue for 2010 was revise down slightly to $4.4 billion from $4.5 billion
  • In a recent report by People’s Daily on China’s online gaming industry, they estimate the market to reach $5 billion and the number of gamers to reach 338 million.

Niko uses a different definition of a “gamer,” in that they require 60 minutes of game play per month whereas the Chinese government typically accepts anyone who has played for a few minutes in the past 6 months. Niko has been fairly accurate with revenue forecasts in the past, and finds it unlikely the market will reach $5 billion this year.