According to a new report by leading China Game Market Analyst firm Niko Partners, there will be 65 million online gamers in China by the end of 2009. On average, these gamers will spend $52 each by the end of the year.

There is interesting data on China’s mobile market in an article on the Wall Street Journal Online today. According to the story:

  • China is the world’s largest mobile market by subscribers, with 687 million subscribers
  • There are more than 270 million subscribers in the U.S.
  • Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein & Co., predicts Apple can sell 2.9 million iPhones in China by the end of 2011
  • iPhone has so far sold more than 26 million units worldwide in more than 80 countries, but the majority of sales are in the U.S.
  • According to IDC, 7% of total iPhone sales in the second quarter, ended in June, came from the Asia Pacific
  • 49% of total iPhone sales in the second quarter came from the U.S. and 25% from Western Europe

Nielsen recently announced console usage data that shows Xbox 360 users play their systems the most.

Other points include:

  • 50% of gameplay came from adults 18+
  • Teenagers 12-17 play the most (25% of gaming in June)

According to our friend Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat Zynga now has 44 million monthly unique users. Other data from the article on the leading company in social network gaming include:

  • Yahoo Games has 19.3 million monthly users according to comScore.
  • Zynga’s monthly active users is 66 million
  • Facebook has 250 million users
  • Zynga had 16 million daily active users just three weeks ago. The number has grown to 19 million daily active users
  • Zynga’s games have been installed 120 million times
  • Users spend 14 minutes per session and, given multiple sessions per day, spend about 64 minutes a day with Zynga’s games
  • The total number of user hours per month is 484 million

GameSpot reported that NPD has released its 2009 Gamer Segmentation Report on the US games market. Key points include:

  • Half of all Americans play games
  • There are 32.9 Million US Console Gamers
  • Extreme Gamers play games nearly 40 hours per week
  • The number of gamers increased from 165.5 million to 169.9 million
  • 55% of Americans play games in one form or another
  • PC is the primary gaming platform for 67.3 million Americans
  • 25.9 million people are Online PC Gamers
  • Online PC Gamers (or what would be considered Casual Gamers) are mostly female and spend 73% of their 8 hours a week playing games online
  • 17.3 million Avid PC Gamers play 23 hours a week
  • 24.1 million Offline PC Gamers spend 82% of their time playing offline