VentureBeat reported that new gaming platforms are gaining very large install and user bases:

  •  iPhones and iPod Touch  – 30 Million Unit Install Base
  • Facebook – 150 Million users
The market for titles on these platforms is growing, however we predict that because of the low quality of many of the titles, and lack of quality control standards, consumers will become increasingly weary of trying and buying these titles.
Facebook and Apple need to put in additional content review in order to protect consumers from bad content. User generated content is great for talented people to get noticed and even create a business, but there is so much junk out there that it is getting increasingly difficult for quality titles to get noticed.
With a more stringent qualification process, consumers would have a better experience overall and that helps Apple grow their brand.
According to a report by CSMG, the strategy division of TMNG Global (Nasdaq:TMNG):
  • The global gaming industry is expected reach $40 billion in annual revenues by 2012. 
  • By comparison, U.S. gaming software sales reached $20 billion in 2008 from $9.4 billion in 2005. 
  • Mobile games represents the fastest growing segment with a 24.6% (CAGR) compound annual growth rate forecasted for 2007 through 2012. 
  • The average age of a gamer is 33 years old
  • Female gamers now reach almost 50% of the market across many types of games.
MCV Reported new sales milestones for the PlayStation 3 and PSP in the UK. They have sold: 
  • 3 Million Sony PlayStation 3’s
  • 2 Million Sony PSP’s
The worldwide PSP number is now above 50 Million Units