MCV reported that in the U.K., there are now:

  • 10.05 Million Nintendo DS units
  • 10.02 Million PlayStation 2 consoles

This means that 1/6th of the population on the U.K. owns a DS and/or a PS2

MCV reported that the Nintendo DS now has an install base of 113.48 Million units worldwide. This is an increase of 13% since March 6th, 2009. The DS has been selling at a rate of two to one for every Wii sold over the past six months.


MCV Reported new sales milestones for the PlayStation 3 and PSP in the UK. They have sold: 
  • 3 Million Sony PlayStation 3’s
  • 2 Million Sony PSP’s
The worldwide PSP number is now above 50 Million Units

According to MCV, 14.2 Million Wii consoles have been sold in Europe. this includes 8.3 Million Units in 2008 alone. Nintendo also sold 11.2 Million units of the DS in Europe in 2008, bringing its installed base to 31 Million in Europe.