Niko Partners released their Southeast Asia Gamer Segmentation Study today. Niko is the premier market research agency for video game research and insights for China and Southeast Asia and we have long relied upon Lisa Cosmas Hanson and her team for excellent data. I recommend them highly to anyone looking for deeper knowledge in the region. Here’s some of the key findings:

  • Southeast Asian gamers prefer games that foster community, teamwork, and competition.
  • 60% of GSEA gamers are strongly drawn to esports.
  • 42% of GSEA gamers fall into the segment of competitive arena gamers, who love esports and who spend the most of all the segments ($15.8/month on PC games, and $10.1/month on mobile games).

Last month, the German game association GAME put out their guide to the German games industry. Here’s a link to the current report.

Development Industry Numbers

  • 520 companies in that are active in the development and marketing of games
  • The industry employs over 11,000 people
  • 50 million euros have been allocated to the federal budget in 2019 for the introduction of games funding
  • Applications for that funding will begin in the Autumn of 2019

Demographic Numbers

  • 34.3 million people in Germany play games; that’s almost half of all Germans
  • 47 percent of German gamers are women – that’s 16,121,000 female gamers
  • 53 percent of German gamers are men – that’s 18,179,000 male gamers
  • The average age of a gamer in Germany increased to over 36 in 2018

Device Numbers

  • 17.3 million PC players
  • 18.2 million Smartphone players
  • 16 million console players
  • 11.5 million tablet players

GDC is coming up and one session that should be relevant to anyone making a large game that needs the ability scale is on Friday, March 22nd at 1:30 PM in room 2000. Here’s a link to the announcement. Game development veterans from Boss Fight Entertainment, Certain Affinity, and Intel will be answering questions collected online for anyone interested in client/server architecture.

This is an approach to audience participation that takes full advantage of social media where anyone can ask a question here:, or on Twitter @GamesNetworker using the hashtag #GDCBackendAMA.

After the session, Leaseweb has promised to post the responses in a blog post on their site. Maybe we can get someone there to live tweet the session.


I finally got caught up on reading 8K filings and saw that Zynga‘s acquisition of 80% of Super Giant Games Oy was in exchange for $363.5 Million in cash and 63,794,746 shares of Class A common stock. At today’s $4.40/share (if the Super Giant team and investors could sell that much on the open market at that price), that would be $280.7 Million. That’s Approximately $644.2 Million so far with an almost $50M profit from the Zynga share value increase. The remaining 20% of the company will be acquired over the next three years based on profit goals. Empires & Puzzles is amazingly well designed and it’s going to prove to be a bargain even if the total with the earn out reaches $1 Billion.

According to the 8K, Super Giant received $333,549,846 in cash (not including cash and liabilities) and $230,936,975 in Stock (@$3.62/share on December 20, 2018).  So we can derive that Super Giant still had about $32 Million in cash when they were acquired. They were

Here’s a quote from the original Tech Crunch article on the acquisition, “The company reported $33 million of revenue for Empires & Puzzles, its most popular game, 10 months after its launch in 2017.”

I think this is a fantastic acquisition by Zynga that really adds to their balance sheet and their internal capabilities.

According to VentureBeat :

  • PlayStation 4 has now reached 82.2 Million units sold
  • Sony expects to sell another 13.8 Million
  • The estimate is 96 Million units sold by the end of Sony’s Q4 March 31, 2019
  • IESherpa estimates that Sony will surpass 100 Million units sold in mid-July 2019