Pearl Research released some new info from their Games Market in Korea study.

  • Nexon derives more than 50% of its revenues from overseas
  • Nexon’s Maple Story has more than 130,000 maximum concurrent users in the United States
  • Japan, known for being a console market, is a top priority for Korean game operators
  • NHN, Korea’s largest search engine provider and one of the top four game operators in Korea, has more than 36 million registered users in Japan
  • China still remains elusive, with two major Korean game operators restructuring their business there
  • Neowiz, saw international sales jump more than 30%, in part due to the success of its online titles in China
  • Approximately 61% of Korean smartphone users play games on their phone
  • In a market dominated by Samsung, LG and other local handset manufacturers, Apple has been able to carve market share with 2 million and counting units of the iPhone being sold in Korea

Pearl Research recently released its Internet Cafes in Asia study. Key points include:

  • Revenues from Internet cafes in Asia will rise to more than $19 billion in 2011
  • There are now 350,000 Internet cafes across Asia.
  • Some of the larger Internet cafes have more than 200 PCs each and generate half a million dollars in sales per year
  • Cafes in India and Vietnam tend to have an average of 20 seats
  • Home PCs have 82% penetration in South Korea, but have little effect on the popularity of Internet cafes in the country


According to Pearl Research with its new “Online Games Market in Korea” study, the online games market in Korea is forecasted to exceed $2 Billion in 2011. Other key points from the report include:

  • 3 of the top 5 game operators in Korea grew their revenues more than 50% in 2009
  • Korean game companies have prioritized establishing international operations with the United
  • States, Europe, Japan and China as the leading target markets.
  • Nexon’s global revenue was $585 million in 2009
  • Neowiz’s overseas revenues, which consists of licensing and revenues from international, was $52 million in 2009
  • South Korea has one of the highest Internet and personal computer (PC) usage rates worldwide at 80%
Challenges to the market  include:
  • A glut of content
  • Increasing government scrutiny
  • Rising development costs
Pearl Research released a double report focused on the games and digital entertainment markets in Vietnam and India, two fast growing markets. Both markets are driven by rising incomes, increasing PC and Internet penetration rates, and a large population of youth that are actively seeking out entertainment content.
  • There are more than 50 online games in the market in Vietnam
  • There is growth in f locally-developed titles, aimed specifically at Vietnamese gamers
  • There are approximately 22 million Internet users in Vietnam with an Internet penetration rate of 25%
  • Top online games in Vietnam can attract 200,000 users
  • Internet cafes are where the majority of online  games are played
  • India’s Internet user base is at 40 million
  • The games market can be challenging with infrastructure issues and a nascent gaming culture
  • More than 180,000 Internet cafes across India provide access to Internet and digital content.
Pearl Research forecasts the number of gamers in Vietnam and India toreach 25 million by 2014

A research report by Pearl Research has data on the Vietnam market for online games. Here are the figures:

  • 10 million players by 2011
  • 21 million Internet users in Vietnam = Internet penetration rate of 23.5%.
  • Top online games in Vietnam can attract 200,000 users
  • Many Vietnamese gamers were spending $3 – $6 per month
  • Current popular online games include First Myth, JX Online, and Boom Online