According to, Sony now has an install base of 30.2 Million PlayStation 4 consoles.

Sony recently put out more numbers on the success of the PlayStation 4 in the market so far. There are:

  • 4.2 million PlayStation 4’s were sold in 2013
  • 2 Million PlayStation Plus Accounts
  • 150 Million PlayStation Network Accounts

The high attach rate – almost 50 percent is an excellent sign of future growth for PlayStation Plus. The Instant Game Collection and ongoing free games match the offering of the Xbox Live Gold program from Microsoft. Since this generation is expensive and there are few titles available at launch, it’s going to be important for Sony to continue to offer great content on a regular basis digitally. I expect the product line-up to increase significantly in Q3-Q4 as more developers are getting development kits and middleware meets the demands of the market.

Steve Ballmer released numbers on the success of Xbox 360 at CES this week according to the worldwide numbers are now:

  • 50 Million Xbox 36o consoles sold
  • 30 Million gamers on Xbox Live
  • 8 Million Connects sold

Sony announced in their press conference that there are:

  • 60 Million PSN accounts

Although Sony has more accounts, I believe that there is higher engagement on Xbox Live since the players tend to be more core on Xbox and play more often according to everything I know and have heard.

SCEA’s director of PSN operations and strategic operations said that the PSN userbase is:

  • Primarily male
  • Average age 28 years old
  • Usually in the middle- to higher-income range
Opinion: IESherpa would expect the age to drop given the price cut as well as the income level as the PS3 now has the properties that made the PS2 a success. It’s a great machine for playing games, but it’s a justifiable purchase for famalies as a Blu-Ray player that plays games. This was a major factor in the PS2 becoming mainstream since it was on par or slightly cheaper than the average DVD player in 1999. Let’s hope Blu-Ray content can help drive demand for the platform.

Sony is now reporting that they have more than 20 Million people on the PlayStation Network (PSN)  according to VentureBeat. In early January, Microsoft said they had 17 Million active members who had spent more than $1 billion on Xbox LIVE since launch. 

Sony says they have sold:
  • More than 380 Million pieces of Content
  • Made $180 Million in revenue
This means on average, Sony is making:
  • $9/user
  • $.47/piece of content
With 70 million PS3’s sold, Sony has a 28.6 % rate of gamers becoming online gamers on the platform. PSN offers:
  • 14,500 items
  • of which, 5,900 are movies

Capcom and GRIN announced that Bionic Commando had sold 130,000 units in the first week across PSN and XBLA. At a 70/30 publisher/platform split on a $10 game, they likely grossed $910,000 in the first week.