MORE Summit (Mobile Retention and Engagement) Invite only with VentureBeat – Wednesday, March 4th (9:30AM to 1:30PM) @St. Regis – email: for an invite.

Steam GDC Party – Wednesday, March 4th (9PM-Midnight) 1015 Folsom (Invite-Only) – ask your Steam contact.

PocketGamer – Thursday, March 5th 2015 (5PM to 7PM) @Harlot –


Each year there are multiple workshops that give developers valuable tools to understand the pitching process when working with a publisher. This year at GDC Europe, the session was led by Johan Sjöberg of DDM and Francois Masciopinto of ISM and also included Bob Wallace of Strategic Alternatives, Rocco Scandizzo of ISM, Sean Kauppinen of IDEA, as well as publishing veterans Rhys Dekle of Microsoft and Fredric Wester of Paradox Interactive.

Here’s the deck from SlideShare: