GDC is coming up and one session that should be relevant to anyone making a large game that needs the ability scale is on Friday, March 22nd at 1:30 PM in room 2000. Here’s a link to the announcement. Game development veterans from Boss Fight Entertainment, Certain Affinity, and Intel will be answering questions collected online for anyone interested in client/server architecture.

This is an approach to audience participation that takes full advantage of social media where anyone can ask a question here:, or on Twitter @GamesNetworker using the hashtag #GDCBackendAMA.

After the session, Leaseweb has promised to post the responses in a blog post on their site. Maybe we can get someone there to live tweet the session.


Each year there are multiple workshops that give developers valuable tools to understand the pitching process when working with a publisher. This year at GDC Europe, the session was led by Johan Sjöberg of DDM and Francois Masciopinto of ISM and also included Bob Wallace of Strategic Alternatives, Rocco Scandizzo of ISM, Sean Kauppinen of IDEA, as well as publishing veterans Rhys Dekle of Microsoft and Fredric Wester of Paradox Interactive.

Here’s the deck from SlideShare:

I just got the discount code for GDC Europe that I can offer to friends as a member of the advisory board. With the code ABE11SK you can get 70 Euros off the regular admission price.