Our friends at M2 Research recently put out a report called Kids and Games: What Boys and Girls Are Playing Today, which outlines the major gaming trends and preferences among children. Some of the report findings include:

  • Nintendo still dominates with kids in the portable space
  • Apple is becoming a significant player especially with girls.
  • 44% of tween girls (8-11) are now using an Apple device to play games
  • 58% of teen girls (12-15) are now using an Apple device to play games
  • 17% of teen girls (12-15) play games on the Sony PSP
  • 44% of teen boys (12-15) play games on the Sony PSP
  • The videogame franchise girls prefer is the Mario series
  • 36% of teen boys prefer Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • The key demographic for online games are boys and girls ages 8-11.
  • 91% of tween boys play games online
  • 93% of tween girls play games online
  • Facebook is now the favorite website among tween (8-11) boys and teen (12-15) girls

The report also includes:

  • Overview of Markets and Trends Specific to Kids Gaming
  • Companies to Watch
  • Buying Habits
  • VC Investment Update
  • Marketing Games to Kids
  • Survey data collected from 5,000 kids

M2 analysts Louise Curcio, Billy Pidgeon, and Wanda Meloni developed Kids and Games: What Boys and Girls Are Playing Today in partnership with KidSay, a research company that has been tracking kids’ preferences for over 10 years. M2 Research and KidSay have formed a strategic partnership to create this ongoing report series, which will be released twice per year.

According to M2 Research and Nintendo, there are 45 million people primarily playing console video games in the U.S.

  • Nintendo estimates 26% of these primarily console gamers are female
  • This is approximately 11.7 million female console gamers
  • Wii – 80% = 9.3 million
  • X360 – 11% = 1.29 million
  • PS3 – 9% = 1.05 million
  • Total = 11.7 million Females

M2 Research estimates there are:

  • 130 million women currently playing online PC games worldwide
  • 140 million men currently playing online PC games worldwide

Close to 40% of all World of Warcraft players are female, or almost 3 million players

According to Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather:

  • Women account for 85% of consumer purchases
  • U.S. women spend more than $5 trillion annually on consumer goods and services
  • 22% shop online at least once a day
  • 61% influence consumer electronic purchases
  • Women account for 66% of all PC purchases