Cnet has a story quoting Needham & Company Analyst Charlie Wolf as saying the Apple iPad will sell:

  • 2 Million iPads in 2010
  • 6 Million iPads in 2011

IDC Analyst Richard Shim estimates:

  • 4-5 Million iPads in 2010
  • IDC also estimates just 1.3 million non-Apple Tablet PCs – 170,000 of which will be slates.
  • IDC estimates that in 2009, 1 million tablets were sold, 125,000 of which were slates, as compared to 875,000 convertible PCs

I predict that without Flash support, it’ll be hard for the iPad to gain mainstream acceptance among gamers. Casual gamers playing FarmVille and other social networking games based on Flash won’t be able to play on the iPad. It seems like it might be a smart business move to consider adding Flash support outside of just the YouTube player if apple wants to capture this audience.