Electronista has an article regarding backlash against netbooks. They talk about PC manufacturers attacking the market to push more notebooks. In the article,  Avian Securities analysts estimate that netbook sales will rise, from 37 million units in 2009 to 47 million units in 2010.

In Avian’s note yesterday they also said there were 140 million notebook computers sold in 2009 and the number is expected to reach 180 million in 2010.

How this related to the games industry is that all of this is good. This is a positive sign for browser-based games as the potential market is increasing and more people have the ability to play wherever they go. As netbooks and notebooks grow in popularity, portability and features, we will continue to see more social games. As cloud computing becomes more prevalent, the content complexity will be able to increase along with gamers’ evolving tastes.

This is a great sign of support for the coming mid-core gaming explosion.

According to a release from IDC, there were more than 450 million mobile Internet users worldwide in 2009, a number that is expected to more than double by the end of 2013. Here are the highlights from IDC’s Worldwide Digital Marketplace Model and Forecast”:

  • More than 1.6 billion people – a little over a quarter of the world’s population – used the Internet in 2009
  • By 2013, over 2.2 billion people – more than one third of the world’s population – is expected to be using the Internet
  • More than 1.6 billion devices worldwide were used to access the Internet in 2009, including PCs, mobile phones, and online videogame consoles
  • By 2013, the total number of devices accessing the Internet will increase to more than 2.7 billion
  • China continues to have more Internet users than any other country, with 359 million in 2009
  • The number of Internet users in China is expected to grow to 566 million by 2013
  • The United States had 261 million Internet users in 2009, a figure that will reach 280 million in 2013. India will have one of the fastest growing Internet populations, growing almost two-fold between 2009 and 2013.
  • The United States has far more total devices connected to the Internet than any other country
  • China is the leader in in the number of mobile online devices with almost 85 million mobile devices connected to the Internet in 2009
  • The number of Internet devices in India, both mobile and fixed, is expected to grow commensurate with the number of Internet users
  • Worldwide, more than 624 million Internet users will make online purchases in 2009, totaling nearly $8 trillion (both business to business and business to consumer)
  • By 2013, worldwide eCommerce transactions will be worth more than $16 trillion
  • Worldwide spending on Internet advertising will total nearly $61 billion in 2009, which is slightly more than 10% of all ad spending across all media
  • Worldwide spending on Internet advertising is expected to reach almost 15% of all ad spending across all media by 2013 as Internet ad spending grows surpasses $100 billion worldwide