According to NPD, the highest price parents are willing to pay for an App for their children tends to be about $4.10, with $2.40 being the average price of the last App they purchased.

NPD released more info here. Kids tend to play on devices that have 12 Apps installed, but 88 percent of those are free Apps.

  • Children spend approximately five days a week using mobile devices such as a smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch, with an average session generally lasting just under one hour
  • An average of 6.5 gaming applications are on the device
  • Gaming is the most popular type of app used by children, followed by listening to or downloading music, and taking pictures
  • 87% of boys play games
  • 80% of girls play games
  • Gaming applications are the apps most frequently paid for at 35%, followed closely by educational games and movie apps
  • “Those who already own a device but don’t let their child use it would allow their child to do so if more educational apps were available or if the devices were durable enough to withstand the child’s use.”


Our friends at GamesBeat has an article about a new NPD Group survey with some new demographic data on the U.S. games industry:

  • 82% of kids 2-17 years old say they’re video gamers
  • 55.7 million kids are playing games
  • 9.7 million kids who are playing games are ages 2-5 years old
  • 12.4 million kids who are playing games are ages 9-11 years old
  • They play games 10.6 hours a week on average
  • Kids use an average of 2.5 systems to play
  • 51% of kid gamers play online, and online players are more likely to be 9-14 years old and male