Global smartphone device shipments are predicted grow at a rate of 49.2%, according to IDC. Other key points include:

  • Smartphone shipments will surpass 450 million units in 2011
  • Smartphone shipments were 303.4 million units in 2010
  • Android is expected to reach market share of nearly 40% by the end of 2011
  • Symbian is expected to fall to a little over 20% of the overall market
  • iOS is expected to have around 16% by the end of 2011
  • BlackBerry is expected to end the year at 14.9% of the overall market

There’s a nice table showing the 2015 market share predictions here.

The Florida House of Representatives voted unanimously to begin offering a 15% tax credit for “qualified productions” in the state.  The credit is on in-state spending for all games. An additional 5% credit is available for spending that occurs “off season” (June – November) and for “family-friendly” titles.

In-Stat has predicted that there will be:

  • 412 million smartphones worldwide by 2014
  • More than 250 million of these smartphones units will have accelerometers
  • Symbian OS will be the dominant operating system, however their market share will be in decline

If you’re interested in learning how to develop for Symbian, you can get access to tools and help here.