According to new research from nielsen:

The article also lists interest in technology devices among those over 13 years old.

According to a new report released by The Nielsen Company and the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing on 3DTV:

  • 77% of consumers believe 3DTV is better-suited for special events such as movies or sporting events, as opposed to everyday viewing
  • 42% say they are interested in playing video games in 3D
  • 71% of hardcore or regular gamers are interested in 3D video games
  • 60% of viewers say 3DTV made them feel like they were “part of the action”
  • Nearly 50% felt it made them more engaged with what they were watching
  • 47% said 3DTV would make them watch programs they wouldn’t normally watch
  • Almost 90% felt the 3D glasses would constrain their multitasking activities

Nielsen released its Insight on Casual Games – Analysis of Casual Games for the PC, which tracked 847 PC casual game titles.

  • Of 847 the titles tracked, they were played by over 43 million unique people
  • On average, players played around 30 minutes a day
  • Casual games account for 75% of the total number of minutes of PC video game play across all video game titles
  • Casual gamers have the vast majority of play minutes and a very high frequency of play
  • 58% of casual gamers are female
  • 88% of casual game players play card games and puzzle games
  • Casual games have a high recurring game play rate
  • Casual game play sessions last an average of 31 minutes
  • Non-casual game play sessions are more than double, at 80 minutes
  • World of Warcraft game play sessions last on average 120 minutes

Download the full report from Nielsen here.

Nielsen recently announced console usage data that shows Xbox 360 users play their systems the most.

Other points include:

  • 50% of gameplay came from adults 18+
  • Teenagers 12-17 play the most (25% of gaming in June)

The LA Times has a story about Nielsen’s fourth annual gamer survey. the survey looks at the habits of 2,400 respondents. Here’s what it found:

  • Used game sales are up 31% for the first 5 months of 2009 over the same period in 2008
  • The average respondent to their survey had purchased 3.4 used games so far in 2009
  • 13% rented a game in May 2009
  • 10.4% rented a game in May 2008
  • 1/3 of games purchased were used – an increase of 13% over 2008

eMarketer projects that US in-game advertising spending will increase from $295 million in 2007 to $650 million in 2012. The global in-game advertising market is poised to grow to a $2B global industry by 2012.

The latest Nielsen study also showed that 82% of consumers react positively to receiving contextual in-game ads during game play.